Auris Övertone Flöjt Grundton F - 530x25 mm


Auris Overtone Flute F Tone. The overtone flute is an old Scandinavian instrument that has influenced the folk music in many places by its special sound and scale. You can also find this flute in other countries like Hungary.

In order to make it easy for beginners, the flute should be played with a covered half-tone hole so that just one hand movement is necessary. This is also the shape in which the flute is delivered. The overtone flute has only one semitone hole and can therefore be played with one hand which is recommendable from a therapeutic and pedagogical point of view.

The height of the tone can be varied by changing the intensity of the breath. This has a desirable counter effect on the player's breathing. Auris Overtone Flutes are tuned in d or f and therefore facilitate a nice interaction between the flutes during musical performance and improvisation with beginners.

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