Penselhållare för 15-20 penslar


To enjoy and get the most out of your beautiful brushes, it is essential that they are stored properly after each use. The only way to do this is by storing them vertically with the bristles down. This way the water can drain. This is very important because water left in and on the brush will dissolve the lacquer and the glue. This creates cracks in the lacquer and causes the bristles to fall out.

This ash wooden brush holder is easy to mount with 2 screws, takes very little space, frees up counter space and has room for 15-20 brushes, depending on the thickness of the brushes. With the thick rubber band it is possible for brushes with different sizes and lengths to dry side by side. The holder is painted with a transparent lacquer.

Ash wood, size: 61 x 11 x 7 cm.

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