Clay chamotte - fine - red


This type of clay with 40% fine chamotte (fine pieces of previously fired clay) is ideal for modelling especially when the pieces are fired or air dried. Due to its fine chamotte grain size of 0.5 mm, the clay is more porous therefore dries and bakes more gradually. Firing temperature 2372°F (1300°C).

Our clay comes in different shapes and colors. We offer different types for different purposes and techniques. All types of clay will remain malleable for a week after being removed from the package. If kept in an airtight clay bucket, it will remain soft and malleable for a longer period. Should it dry out (lose water), by adding water, it will be malleable again.Chamotte is grinded previously fired clay. It is added to the clay in order to give it certain characteristics during the firing. Chamotte ensures that an object holds it shape and shrinks somewhat less, although all clay shrinks by firing. Chamotte provides some stability and has the effect of a frame. It also ensures a more porous clay so that air can escape better during the firing. Chamotte does require more strength to sculpt it, therefore it is less suitable for the younger children.

Please note that clay does not tolerate frost therefore it is not possible to transport clay during a period of frost.

Weight: 10 kilos, dimensions approx..: 35.5 x 23 x 7 cm , color: red/baked terra

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