Filia oljekritor 9 blandade färger


These oil crayons from the Danish company Filia have been a classic for decades. The lightfast colours are transparent and mix very well. They offer many interesting painting and drawing techniques. With a sponge and turpentine, it is possible to 'watercolour paint' with these hard, oil crayons.

These classic crayons are square and have a tip for outlining or two-dimensional drawing and shading. They have no wrapper so you can use the entire crayon to apply colour. These crayons are available in assortments of: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 colours and a box of black.

Cardboard box, 9 crayons, 50x7.5x7.5 mm, 9 assorted colours. colour: 51 black | 52 dark brown | 53 dark blue | 55 red | 56 vermilion | 57 orange | 58 yellow | 59 white | 62 dark green

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EnhetBox 9 Pieces