Workbook Waldorfplanner - NL versie

Lesson Planning for Waldorf Teachers. By Martyn Rawson
This handbook contains ideas for Waldorf teachers to help them plan and review their lessons. We all have to plan our lessons and reflect on them afterwards to see if things worked out as we hoped. We also need to reflect on how we can do things better. The cycle of lesson preparation is like an action research cycle through which we deepen our understanding of the teaching and learning process. In doing so we try to solve problems and improve the overall quality of what we do. This book also offers guidance to observation, monitoring and record keeping, all of which support educational quality development. Lesson Planning for Waldorf Teachers - for educational quality developement. 48 pages, A4, portrait format, spiral binding, 3 languages available. Language: 0 English | 1 German | 2 Dutch
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