Mit Kindern im Bienengarten


Mit Kindern im Bienengarten - by Irmgard Kutsch & Gudrun Obermann.

Irmgard Kutsch and Gudrun Obermann demonstrate in their book that beekeeping and children are a good combination. In addition to the description of countless details from the life of a bee community, they make suggestions about what children can do throughout the year with the bees theme.The book provides tips for beekeeping yourself as well as many interesting facts about these insects that are exceptionally important for nature and man.
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Language: German.</font></span>

Irmgard Kutsch (1952) trained as a veterinary assistant, and was active in the field of water quality and in a military nutritional research centre. After this, she trained as an educationalist to become a specialist teacher in a school for children with a mental disability. All her experience eventually led to the founding of the Nature-Child-Garden- Workplace, which she has made available since 1994 as a social and cultural stimulus.

Gudrun Obermann (1965) studied biology. As an academic researcher, she supervised students and worked independently as an environmental advisor for various engineering firms. She was a guide for ecological city walks suitable for children and adults, held lectures and organised workshops. She is now a Waldorf educationalist for a multicultural kindergarten and works intensively with the Nature-Child-Garden-Workplace.

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