Nanchen Kasperdocka 40 cm - Starka färger


Lumpenkasper measures 40 cm and has a very cheerful character. This soft doll is dressed in a colourful outfit with a long cap and big feet which makes his appearance a bit clownish.

Nanchen Dolls are handmade by a team of 15 doll makers in a small workshop in Martinhagen, Germany. The dolls' faces are individually hand-painted, giving each doll its own unique character.

The dolls are made exclusively from materials produced from controlled organic cultivation and controlled organic farming. With their quality and timeless appeal, Nanchen natural products have been on the high-quality toy market for over 30 years.

Every doll is made by hand from natural materials (organic cotton and stuffed with Bioland pure new wool) and all have simple, sweet features fostering creativity and imaginative play.

Nanchen dolls are hand washable.

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