Spielen mit Feuer und Erde

Spielen mit Feuer und Erde - by Walter Kraul.

In his book, Walter Kraul provides a large number of inspiring tips for a highly imaginative game with the elements fire and earth. From the shadow-carrousel to the ball see-saw, from the martini lamp to the gravity car. You will find simple self-build manuals and many interesting physical phenomena to try for yourself.

This book is not available in Dutch. The English edition of this publication can be found under product number 65212000 on this page. This is a combination of both German publications.
Language: German.

Walter Kraul (1926), studied mathematics and physics. Following a scientific career at the Sonnenobservatorium Wendelstein he taught at the Rudolf Steiner School in Munich from 1953. After this, he established a toy firm for which he designed, manufactured and sold the games.
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