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  1. Choroi primlier grootte 1, 9 snaar in d' (c'-f')
    Art. 55132100
  2. String set for Prime Tone Lyre
    Art. 55132109
  3. Choroi primlier grootte 2, 9 snaar in a'(fis'-h')
    Art. 55132110
  4. String set for Prime Tone Lyre
    Art. 55132119
  5. Choroi Prime Lyre 9 String Tone 3
    Art. 55132120
  6. String set for Prime Tone Lyre
    Art. 55132129
  7. Tuning Wrench - L-shape - small - star hole
    Art. 55137100
  8. Choroi Tuning Wrench L-shape
    Art. 55137201
  9. Tuning Wrench T-shape Star
    Art. 55137400
  10. String Oil 30 ml
    Art. 55137900
  11. Tuning Fork A=440 Hz
    Art. 55138500
  12. Tunning Fork A=432 Hz (the Sun Tone)
    Art. 55138600
  13. Tune equipment Korg CA-1
    Art. 55138801
  14. Stand for all Choroi Lyres
    Art. 55139500
  15. Tone Bar Set pentatonic brass 7 tones
    Art. 55150500
  16. Hand Resonator Set for
    Art. 55156500
  17. Choroi Mallet - material: felt
    Art. 55158000
  18. Choroi Mallet
    Art. 55158400
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Modern sounds and the original power of music


For more than fifty years Choroi (musicians, teachers, therapists, instrument makers and co-workers from all over Europe) has been developing innovative musical instruments that inspire creative playing and deeper listening. The instruments enable a new approach to contemporary as well as elementary music. Today, Choroi has a worldwide name for its unique quality.


Giving sound a space


One of the special qualities of Choroi instruments is the uniquely ‘open’ sound that responds to the surrounding space. The interior of the instruments is designed with particular elements that contribute to this spatial experience of sound. Naturally, the materials, wood or metal, also play an important role. It is the inner quality of the material, its hidden soul that resonates, touching the inner string in the listener. This inner string comprehends music intuitively as a universal human experience.


We try to release the hidden powers of nature


Handcrafted from carefully selected materials, Choroi instruments reveal the unique and beautiful sound that lives within the metal or wood. Made of quality natural materials and easy to play in a range of creative ways, Choroi instruments are ideally suited for use in education and therapy.


The community experience


Making music together is a wonderful way of experiencing community. Making the instruments themselves is also a social process: our instruments are made in social-therapeutic settings in ten different workshops all over Europe. Each individual contributes in a creative way to the production process; human hands are involved from start to finish, from selecting rough wood to the finishing touches.


Music has a direct effect on children


Many Choroi instruments have been specially developed for use by and for children. For example the children’s pentatonic harps and lyres with their open resonance. Also the wide range of wooden flutes, from the interval and pentatonic flute, up to the new Alto F-flute, are made for increasing musical capabilities.




Choroi Workshop video