55 artiklar

  1. Dipam Ball candle Big BG
    Art. 95103108
  2. Dipam Ball candle Small BK
    Art. 95103109
  3. Dipam bivaxljus A1. 18 st
    Art. 95102020
  4. Dipam bivaxljus, vita A1. 18 st
    Art. 95102021
  5. Dipam bivaxgranulat 500 gram. 1 st påse
    Art. 95102105
  6. Dipam födseldags bivaxljus i trälåda. 25 st.
    Art. 95102106
  7. Dipam bivaxkakor 15,5 x 33,5 cm. 1 kilo.
    Art. 95102112
  8. Dipam ljusvekar 3 olika tjocklekar. Totalt 5 m. För ljusstöpning.
    Art. 95102115
  9. Dipam lont per KG
    Art. 95102116
  10. Dipam bivaxljus B1
    Art. 95102120
  11. Dipam bivaxljus vita. 8 st
    Art. 95102121
  12. Dipam bivaxljus presentförp. Vita. 6 förp x 4 st ljus (totalt 24 st ljus).
    Art. 95102124
  13. Dipam bivaxljus B2. 12 st
    Art. 95102125
  14. Dipam bivaxljus vita. 12 st
    Art. 95102126
  15. Dipam bivaxljus presentförpackning. 6 förp x 4 st ljus (totalt 24 ljus)
    Art. 95102129
  16. Dipam bivaxljus 12 st
    Art. 95102130
  17. Dipam bivaxljus vita 12 st
    Art. 95102131
  18. Dipam bivaxljus 6 st
    Art. 95102313
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Dipam Beeswax Candles

Dipam makes high-quality artisanal beeswax products from this renewable resource. Dipam is a small organization of up to 10 people during the peak season, and the company provides employment opportunities for those who have been out of the work for various reasons. Dipam partners with institutes for disabled people who perform meaningful tasks at the workshop. Our partnership with Dipam is fruitful an always evolving. Dipam makes every effort to use materials in its products and packaging that are sustainably product and environmentally friendly.


Dipam 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Dipam uses only the highest quality beeswax without any natural or artificial additives. They retain their natural fragrance most noticeable while burning. Some candles have their natural beeswax color or ivory ones.

Dipam brings summer sunlight into your classroom and your home with candles made of 100% beeswax.