Assortment Seasons and Seasonal Festivals I - 17 Postcards


Seasons and Seasonal Festivals I by Marjan van Zeyl
Seasons and seasonal festivals like Johanni and Martinmas are the basis for this series of postcards by Marjan van Zeyl. Capturing their essence and mood for her pictures, the Dutch painter designed the cards in an artistic and particularly child-friendly way. This series combines well with the spring/summer series and the other seasonal festivals, giving a complete overview of the year's seasonal events.

All cards are also available separately in units of 10 postcards.

This assortment contains the following postcards:

My Little Prince Carnival
The Red Easter Egg
Easter Resurrection
Pentecostal Bride
St. John's Fire
Martin shares Cloak with a Beggar
St. Martinus Lantern
King Arthur
Michael and the Dragon
Children’s Carnival
Palm Sunday Move
Easter Eggs
St. George Defeats the Dragon
St. Martin’s Procession
Knight Percival
Odin from the Edda

size: 10.7 x 15 cm

Mer information
VarumärkeInternational Design
EnhetSet 17 Pieces